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Fast and Furious in a Nutshell

Someone within the Obama administration purposely put 2000 AK-47 assault rifles into the hands of Mexican arms and drug dealers; ostensibly to follow the weapons to their ultimate destinations, then arrest the bad guys.

To date, 1400 of the deadly weapons are lost; hundreds of Mexicans have been shot dead; and renegade illegal aliens armed with these very assault weapons killed a U.S. border guard – Agent Brian Terry.

Terry, a former Marine who served in Iraq, came upon the Mexican bandits in the Peck Canyon area of Arizona. When he and fellow agents fired bean bags and ordered the bandits to drop their weapons, they were ambushed. Terry was shot in the back and died en route to the hospital.

The Obama administration claims to know nothing about Fast and Furious: Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano; the president himself; ALL feign ignorance. However, the Obama administration just ordered all court records related to the murder of Agent Terry, sealed! In addition, the judge’s decision to seal the court case, was also sealed!

IF this were a Republican administration, the story would be wall to wall, ‘round the clock and without mercy until people in high places were brought down – and rightly so!

BUT, this is an election year; the economy is ailing; unemployment remains high and U.S. debt is rising. The lamestream media is, as usual, running cover for their guy in the White House. They show little interest as the Obama administration blocks all attempts to get at the truth.

And all of this coming from “the most ethical and transparent administration in U.S. history…”

Perhaps the media should start by asking the Obama Justice Dept: “What don’t you know and when didn’t you know it?”